Green Archipelago

Well actually the title of this post is the boon by writing prologue for INAMSC 2014 #kidding.

Green archipelago is the appropriate name for a country named Indonesia. If you take some globe, you can see so many islands lie on the blue ocean (okay I know of course the color of sea on every maps is blue). That country is where I live, study, eat, sleep, breath, and gather with my family. I want to share this view to you all, Biomedical Students all over the world! You may come here, to the capital city of Indonesia, by submitting the papers, i.e abstracts of your researches, or full paper of your review articles.

Hey, hey, I don't know what you're talking about here!!

You all know exactly! I am talking about Indonesia International (bio)Medical Students' Congress!
(I've mentioned it before, nevermind)

Easy guys, the tagline is Obesity: Start Moving, Start Winning. Yeah, we focus on obesity. You know right, that obesity is a disease and still prevalent in countries. Then, I gotta invite you, cool students, to this event. I, no no, WE need your opinions, criticisms, innovations,to improve our knowledge. Hey you in Japan, please share how you solve this obesity thing? Hey you in UK how you prevent this thing? So many things we can try to do. What are you waiting for? Submit your paper right away! Okay okay, I'm gonna give you some hints about this event.

Research : no specific themes!!! Just choose your cluster (medical science, clinical science, and public health)
Review article: of course we need theme here (obesity), or we can go across the country since no specific theme. 

Wanna join but gosh now I am not in the mood to writing or have no researches? Come come! You may come becoming passive participants. Yeaaaaa I know, that rules *sunglasses*.

More information, don't hesitate to click www.liga-medika.com
Shake your fat!! Bye bye obes~